Making Arctic travel safer

Help is not just a phone call away if you have an accident in the Arctic. That’s why the far northern Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard is establishing an educational and research centre for Arctic safety.

Dermatologist examines a mole of male patient

New method for detecting melanoma

Cancer in moles is not always easy to see with the naked eye. By analysing images, a new computer program can detect cancerous moles automatically.

depression,girl,empty room,black and white

Depressed patient’s distress can become family’s distress

Relatives provide important support for loved ones suffering from depression, but healthcare services don’t work with the whole family when they treat depressed patients. Negative health consequences can then affect other family members, too.

Doctor and patient

Difficult to motivate patients to change

Patients with heart disease need guidance in how to adopt healthier eating habits, quit smoking and be more physically active. The health care system isn’t consistently providing that help.