Laste ikon
Elizabeth Svarstad is a dance artist and instructor, who specializes in historical dance. Here she is transforming herself to fit the minuet’s zeitgeist. Photo: Idun Haugan/NTNU

Real men dance the minuet

The Birken ski festival, the Great Trial of Strength cycling event and the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon are considered to be real tests of manhood today. But a few hundred years ago, the minuet was how men displayed their skills and strength.

The students used leftover vegetables from meals they prepared while putting the show together as a part of the MFA exhibition. Photo: Idun Haugan

Food on the art menu

You won’t see any paintings at the exhibition by the first International MFA graduates in Trondheim. But the exhibit offers a lot else, including food and healing.

Fugler. Vi vet at du liker dem. Her er noen av våre beste saker om fugler. Foto: Per Harald Olsen, NTNU

A photographer’s favorite photos

People from NTNU travel around the world to do research. Photograph Per Harald Olsen has documented a number of these trips. He also has some advice for photographers who would like to take pictures like his.