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Does ‘green energy’ have hidden health and environmental costs?

Production of electricity is responsible for about a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions, and demand is poised to rise as underserved populations connect to the grid, and electronics and electric vehicles proliferate. So stopping global warming will require a transformation of electricity production. But it is important to avoid various environmental pitfalls in this transition, researchers say.

Word Help written on a weight scale

Support, comfort from online weigh-loss group

Online weight loss forums protect participants from public fat shaming, and offer them a place to speak out without being confronted by normal-weight individuals, medical science or the authorities.

One can never guarantee that the use of man-made gases in cooling installations will not result in unexpected environmental problems, according to the authors of this article. They recommend using nature's own ingredients instead. Photo: Bjørn Rørslett / Samfoto
Foto: © Bj¯rn R¯rslett / NN / Samfoto

Green cooling with CO2

Man-made refrigeration gases threaten the Earth’s climate. The use of natural compounds like CO2 is an effective counter-measure.


Why is there such a fuss about NOx?

What actually is NOx, and is this gas a climate-change sinner? And where does ozone come into the picture? SINTEF- scientist Mario Ditaranto, an expert on combustion, provides all the answers on flue gases.

Digital human face

“Virtual human” unlocks key mechanisms of high blood pressure

Scientists regularly use computer models to understand complex problems, from predicting the weather to designing boats and automobiles. Now they are also using this approach to better understand the human body — including the causes behind high blood pressure.

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Order out of chaos

“With automated construction, you can just go in and change one parameter, and suddenly the whole design adapts to the change.”

STRESS EXPOSURE: Smoke-divers often operate under conditions of high temperatures while wearing insulating clothes.

Stress alarm for smoke-divers

Smoke-divers are exposed to high temperatures, physical exhaustion and stress. A new sensor system lets them know when the body has had enough.

COMMUNICATION WITHOUT SCREEN: Rescue crews cannot do their jobs while fumbling with a tiny mobile phone when they need to read and send messages. 
Photo: Gry Karin Stimo

The jacket that talks to Facebook

Collision. Fire. Accidents. Chaos. In a rescue operation, it’s no use trying to communicate via a small mobile phone display. But a jacket – now you’re talking!


Polar perils

Activity in the Arctic is on the increase, but how safe is it to operate there?

Det er viktig for afrikanere å bruke alle naturlige resurser til mat siden en stor del av befolkningen ikke får nok ernæring. 
SINTEF har hjulpet med teknologioverføring for hvordan rester av fiskeråstoff kan brukes til produksjon av proteiner og olje for menneskelig føde. På pilotanlegget i Norge ble det produsert komponenter fra Nilabbor som ble sendt til Uganda for å testes til ulikt menneskelig konsum.

Overlooked by aid

Millions of people suffer permanent disabilities simply because they are poor. Norwegian experts say they are overlooked in the fight against poverty.


The internet of things

Monday morning and you’re in a hurry. On your way out, you check your pockets. Money. Mobile phone. Where are the car keys? A quick text message, and the keys let you know that they are under the papers on the dining table.


Robots in the classroom

The next generation of industrial robots is just around the corner. They will be able to see, remember and make their own decisions.


In Hannibal’s head

Ice cold, hard and emotionless. Such is the psychopath – we think. Until we get a glimpse behind the mask.

GATEFEIERE: Dette bildet fra byen Plovdiv i Bulgaria viser arbeidshverdagen til noen av de ansatte som driver renhold i gatene.

Low wages = poor working conditions

Price pressure leads to “cowboy” contracts and poor working conditions in service jobs in the construction and cleaning industries.

BEST FOR YOUR HEALTH: Forget the food pyramid when you plan your meals – instead, the healthiest way to eat is to get one-third of your calories from carbohydrates, one-third from fats and one-third from protein. 

Feed your genes

The genes have spoken: your dinner plate should be divided into three, and you should eat six times a day.

SUPER COATING: All rainwear has a waterproof coating which is applied to the textile in liquid form. Susie Jahren is a material Senior Research Scientist who is working on incorporating micro-capsules which “glue” small tears together.
Photo: Werner Juvik

Tears? Forget them!

The first steps have been taken towards rainwear which repairs itself.

TOO AGGRESSIVE: Moose on the road are a traffic problem in Norway. 
Photo: Scanpix

Watch out – moose!

An vehicle-based computer alert system that warns of moose on the road causes motorists to react quickly. Roadside warning signs just don’t have the same effect.