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Young children wearing aprons are playing with a water table together in nursery.

Elevated stress levels among Norway’s youngest in childcare

Researchers measured the stress hormone cortisol in 112 toddlers from 85 different childcare centres in six municipalities, approximately five months after they started attending. Children with the longest childcare days (8-9 hours) showed an increase in cortisol during the day.

Gas tanker loading in port, Japan

Preventing LNG accidents

Eskil Aursand is working to make marine production and shipping of liquefied natural gas (LNG) safer. His efforts were recently recognized with the award of a Fulbright Scholarship.

old abandoned fishing net with squid eggs

Want to end “ghost fishing”

Fish nets that float abandoned in the ocean continue to catch fish long after they have been lost, posing a major environmental challenge. Degradable fishing nets can be part of the solution according to researchers.

Cod larva. Photo: Fredrik Jutfelt

Ocean acidification bad for cod

Increasing ocean acidification could double the mortality of newly-hatched cod larvae, a study just published in the American online journal PLOS ONE reports.

Trondheim 015.04.2016 : SINTEF holder rådsmiddag på Lerchendal gård med utdeling av priser. SINTEFs pris for fremragende forskning gikk til Line Melby og Ragnhild Hellesø. Foto: Thor Nielsen

Prize for e-messaging research

The introduction of e-messaging by the Norwegian municipalities has made communication between health visitors, doctors and hospitals much easier.


SINTEF wins design award

For the sixth time, product designers Ole Petter Næsgaard and Tore Christian B. Storholmen have received the Award for Design Excellence by the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture.

Norgesmester i antall EU-prosjekter

NTNU and SINTEF open new Brussels office

The Norwegian research community is now permanently represented in Brussels. The goal is to increase the number of international research projects and to find new research partners.