Abstract blue Ice crash explosion parts on black background. Collision, suspension crystal ice cubes damage.

Crushing ice to save platforms

It’s been a warm winter on Svalbard this year. But this doesn’t apply to the laboratory where Niek Heijkoop works. There it’s a stable -10° Celsius

How men and women experience the “morning after” varies greatly between the sexes. Photo: Thinkstock

One-night stand regrets

Women regret saying yes to casual sex much more often than men do. Men – almost exclusively – regret saying no. Why?

Pretty belly of a pregnant young woman.

Learning more about preeclampsia

Preeclampsia doesn’t usually cause complications, but sometimes things go wrong. That’s why research in this field is so important.

Ekorn Foto Jørgen Rosvold NTNU

Bringing new life to old bones

The NTNU University Museum’s squirrel from 1878 is a youngster compared to the 6600-year-old walrus that was recently dated after 50 years in storage.

Selv ikke det store vindkraftanlegget i Trøndelag vil gi noe grønt skifte i Norge. Men det er en begynnelse, mener førsteamanuensis Espen Moe. Her Bessakerfjellet i Roan. Foto brukt med tillatelse fra prosjektleder Kjell Inge Skaldebø, Vindsenter Fosen

Two hundred and seventy-eight wind turbines won’t cut it

The transition to green energy hasn’t really begun, according to Associate Professor Espen Moe. Even though the 278 new wind turbines that will be built in central Norway are an important investment, it’s not nearly enough, he says.

«Atlantic City», den amerikanske basen på Jan Mayen. Bildet er tatt i 1946 eller 1947 av Odd Gjeruldsen, og henger i dag på den Meteorologiske stasjonen på Jan Mayen, ifølge hjemmesidene til Ishavsforeningen Jan Mayen. Foto: Odd Gjeruldsen

The day Atlantic City blew away

Norwegian researchers are working on mapping the geology of Jan Mayen Island, Norway’s most northwesterly territory. In the process, they also found ruins from Atlantic City, an American base from the Second World War.